host A party

Perks of being a Host

We appreciate you inviting us into your home and want to thank you for hosting your glamorous night with friends. Perks of the hostess of will depend on size of your group and selected services! In return you will receive a Beauty in Motion gift card to put towards your own services, a hostess gift and more!

Beauty party

Whether its prom, a birthay party, a wedding or a girls day or night where you all get beautified. Let us know ahead of time what services you  want and we will create time frames to match your guest list. We can bring an assistant who will tend to all your event needs, serving drinks and apps, allowing the host to be beautified with no interruptions. We can arrange to bring party platters for all of you to enjoy. You let us know your ideas for your party and we can take care of everything for you so all you have to do is be there when your friends arrive :)

Save the Date!

For party inquiries and reservation spots please call 705-933-GLAM (4526) or email

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